Do you have any questions about our content creation?

Ahead of starting a content package with GorillaFlow, you might have a few questions.

Here are some answers to questions we’re often asked.

🦍 Feel free to get in touch with any questions that come to mind.

Why should my tech or eCommerce company buy GorillaFlow content?

GorillaFlow produce content exclusively for technology-sector and eCommerce clients.

We combine deep knowledge of the technology sector with expertise in content creation, sales psychology and conversion.

Blending these skills in-house translates into high-quality content and a huge amount of saved time, energy and money for your technology business.

🦍 GorillaFlow offer superior value for your technology business.

Who is GorillaFlow’s founder?

Our founder is Alex Napier Holland – a former tech-sector international sales executive and journalist.

He’s closed technology and advertising deals on five continents, for FTSE100 and startup companies.

His training ranges from hard through to consultative sales – and he’s an NCTJ-qualified journalist.

Alex lives between the UK, South-East Asia and Australia.

🦍 Alex has a unique blend of copywriting, sales and technology-sector expertise.

What does creating great technology content involve?

Your target audience use search engines to find answers to their problems.

We produce high-quality content which addresses your audience’s queries and builds their trust in your business as a solution provider.

This helps to drive traffic to your website and improve your search engine ranking.

We will also identify, explore and overcome potential objections to sale.

Your visitors will be nurtured and warmed into hot leads for your business.

Then we deliver a compelling (CTA) call-to-action and convert them into customers.

🦍 GorillaFlow have the content creation and strategy skills that your technology business needs.

Why does starting a content package make sense?

Hiring individual copywriters is usually bad value for companies selling complex products and services.

You need ongoing, high-quality content that’s delivered as part of coordinated strategy.

And creating a content strategy requires you to coordinate researchers, strategists and copywriters, all charging different rates – creating complexities and wasted time for you.

🦍 A GorillaFlow content package saves you time, energy, money – and headaches.

How do GorillaFlow offer better value?

GorillaFlow write exclusively for technology clients – which offers huge value to your business.

Research is the major cost hurdle for creating great content.

GorillaFlow specialise in technology, so usually start with a solid baseline knowledge of the market you’re entering, plus your target audience and potential barriers to sale.

We have a streamlined workflow that saves us time and you money.

Starting a GorillaFlow content package puts us on your team – building our knowledge of your product or service and its unique benefits.

🦍 GorillaFlow can create world-class content for your technology business, at a reasonable price.

Which tools do GorillaFlow use?

We collaborate and create content using Google’s G Suite.

  • Google docs for creating content.
  • Google Drive for storing and organising documents.

Working directly on Google documents in the cloud saves a lot of time and confusion.

Emails are great for high-level conversations, but get messy for collaboration.

🦍 GorillaFlow use a simple, efficient workflow that allows us to offer great value.

Do you sell individual content pieces?

Sure. Here’s a link to our digital content ratecards.

Buying an individual piece can help you test our quality.

🦍 A GorillaFlow content strategy package offers better value than individual content.