I’m an ex-journalist and former international sales executive for software companies and advertising agencies.

✍🏻 I was trained to write for top London newspapers.

πŸ’° I was trained to pitch and close deals in-person, over the phone – and across the public and private sector, around the planet.

  • BSc in International Relations and Politics.
  • NCTJ in newspaper journalism.
  • Six years in international sales.
  • Deals pitched and closed on five continents.
  • Clients ranging from government agencies across Africa, to top UK universities – and many investment projects tackling humanitarian causes.
  • 70+ SaaS and technology brands served as a sales copywriter.

I write words that inspire your visitors to whip out their credit card and BUY.

I don’t write fluffy blog articles; or dry, technical whitepapers.

I can upgrade your SaaS brand’s sales ability with:

  • A conversion-focused homepage.
  • A complete website – including service and product pages.
  • Sales-focused landing pages.
  • Film scripts for sales and explainer videos.
  • A complete content strategy.

For my latest rate card simply drop me a line.

I work with a range of SaaS brands and technology companies.

My clients include:

  • SaaS (CRM, PropTech, Business Intelligence).
  • Software Development (DevOps, Test Automation, AI and ML).
  • Network Security (Identity Management, Security Information and Event Management).
  • Audio Engineering (3D-printed speakers).
  • Gadgets and Product Design (from electric skateboards to high-end homeware).

I work with people who want to make the world a better (or just a more fun) place.

If you’re involved in these industries then do NOT contact me:

  • Alternative medicine (if it works, it’s called ‘medicine’.
  • MLM (if it looks like a pyramid, it is one).
  • Get rich quick schemes (if it was that easy, you wouldn’t need to sell a course).


  • 50% deposit to start work.
  • 50% payment on delivery.

I accept card payments via Stripe and bank transfers to any of my accounts:

  • UK (Β£Sterling)
  • Europe (€EUR)
  • USA ($USD)
  • Australia ($AUD)
  • I message clients with email or Slack.
  • I chat on Google Meet or Zoom (happy to use alternatives)
  • I plan and manage content with Trello.
  • I write content in Google Docs.
    • I don’t bounce static Microsoft Word documents back and forth – and neither should you.

Sure, if there’s a match with my values and interests.

My favourite causes are:

  • Ocean conservation.
  • Animal welfare.
  • Veganism.