I write copy that drives sales for SaaS brands and technology companies.

Just drop me a line for my latest rate card.

My services include:

  • High-conversion website copy.
  • Powerful landing pages.
  • High-end blog articles (10X and pillar content).
  • Content strategy.

My Copy Shop is for SaaS brands and marketing agencies that need powerful sales copy with a quick turnaround and a tight budget.

My standard copywriting services are highly consultative. If you’ve got a major project and you’re ready to invest the time and budget required to achieve maximum conversion potential, then we can book a consultation and I can quote for the work.

But if you have a clear goal and need a powerful SaaS landing page or website homepage launched quickly then my Copy Shop is a perfect solution.

It features a streamlined consultation and strategy service – with the same powerful sales copy.

I also offer a SaaS Copy Audit to review your existing content.

If you’re unsure what you need, then let’s talk!

For my latest rate card simply drop me a line.

I work with SaaS brands and technology companies.

I’ve crafted copy for:

  • SaaS (CRM, PropTech, Business Intelligence).
  • Software Development (DevOps, Test Automation, AI and ML).
  • Network Security (Identity Management, Security Information and Event Management).
  • Audio Engineering (3D-printed speakers).
  • Gadgets and Product Design (from electric skateboards to high-end homeware).

I work with people who want to make the world a better (or just a more fun) place.

If you’re involved in these industries, then do NOT contact me:

  • Alternative medicine (if it works, it’s called ‘medicine’.
  • MLM (if it looks like a pyramid, it is one).
  • Get rich quick schemes (if it was that easy, you wouldn’t need to sell a course).


  • 50% deposit to start work.
  • 50% payment on delivery.

I accept card payments via Stripe and bank transfers to any of my accounts:

  • UK (£Sterling)
  • Germany (€EUR)
  • USA ($USD)
  • Australia ($AUD)
  • I message clients with email or Slack.
  • I chat on Zoom (happy to use alternatives)
  • I plan and manage content with Trello.
  • I write content in Google Docs.
    • I don’t bounce static Microsoft Word documents back and forth – and neither should you.

Sure, if there’s a match with my values and interests.

I love products and services that tackle:

  • Ocean conservation.
  • Animal welfare.
  • Veganism.
  • Fighting diseases.