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Transform your sales copy into a stunning wireframe with the only Figma landing page kit that’s based on proven conversion copy principles – and packed with practical writing tips.

Build and write faster

with content-first blocks

Get expert help

with frameworks and tips

Win bigger deals

with slick wireframes

🚀 Perfect for copywriters and designers

Finally, design teams and copywriters can play nicely 👊

Documents confuse design teams and make you look like an amateur.

Send your copy as a design-ready Figma wireframe – and charge $$$. ✨

I’ve worked with 100+ software and technology brands – including Adobe and Salesforce. CopyBase has transformed my ability to deliver high-performance landing pages and win five-figure deals.

Alex Napier Holland

UX Conversion Copywriter
CopyBase Maker

Upgrade your workflow

Google Docs won't help you win or manage $$$ conversion projects

Google Docs sucks. Each document loads in a new tab. Your giant monitor’s wasted because pages (still) won’t load side-by-side. And there’s no dark mode. This stressful workflow costs you money.

But it gets worse…

Designers will butcher your content. They’ll sprinkle your dismembered words into a trendy, minimalist website that barely converts visitors. And your neck’s on the line if sales don’t go up.

You need a new strategy.

Figma frees copywriters to work faster and make more money​

Manage complex projects with ease

Figma offers an infinite canvas to organize each project - with countless plugins to customize your own fast, flexible writing experience.

Get taken seriously by design teams

Figma wireframes give designers a clear foundation - so they can work faster and you’ll remain part of the design conversation.

Stand out and win bigger projects

Slick wireframes position you as a true conversion expert - so you can send bigger quotes and beat your competition to close them

But here's the problem...

Figma was built for designers. It’s packed with complex features – you could struggle for hours if you pick the wrong tools to build simple wireframes.

Most designers are clueless about conversion. They copy minimalist messaging styles used by market leaders like Apple that won’t drive sales for a startup.

Designers build awful landing page kits. They’re always based on aesthetics – never proven, AB-tested conversion principles.


Enjoy Figma in ‘easy’ mode - with the landing page kit that’s built for copywriters​

Deliver professional wireframes. Build your own landing page in minutes with snap-together blocks or move faster with a prebuilt page template.

CopyBase includes a library of blocks that are based on proven conversion strategies – and packed with frameworks to inspire and improve your writing.

Optimized blocks

Build your own landing page with a library of CRO-tested blocks.

Page layouts

Pick a template that matches your conversion goal and business model.

Minimalist aesthetic

Give your design team the freedom to add color, artwork and fonts.


Build an optimized landing page wireframe faster than you can write a Google Doc​

Unlock flow state. Write faster with content-optimized blocks and a Nordic aesthetic that’s easy on the eyes for your hardcore late-night deadline sessions.

Each CopyBase block and page is designed with auto-layout and will automatically scale to fit your content – so you can stay focused on writing.

Flow state-optimized

Work faster with auto layout and thoughtfully-organized layers.

Dark mode blocks

Build with dark or light blocks to suit your style and visual preference.

Neutral font library

Start with Poppins and Inter - or replace them to suit your brand identity.


Improve your copy - with frameworks, tips and examples from an industry expert

Learn from an expert. Inspire your writing and break through creative ruts with frameworks and tips built into every content block and page template.

CopyBase explains each section and conversion strategy in plain English. Finished pages and free blog content will be added over time to transform CopyBase into a complete landing page learning resource.

Copy frameworks

Get recipes for headlines and call-to-actions that will inspire your writing.

Strategic advice

Learn conversion principles so you can make confident and informed decisions.

Finished pages

Explore professional landing pages to contexualise each block and lesson.

Crazy value

Enjoy free future updates - including complete website wireframes

Grow with CopyBase. Get full access to every future block, template and tip for an unbelievably low fixed price – no matter how big this kit becomes.

The plan’s to build CopyBase into a complete website wireframe kit – with new pages and ongoing optimization in response to ongoing CRO tests.

Updated optimizations

Tweaks and new blocks as CRO theory and tests evolve.

New pages

Pricing, products and many more - so you can wireframe a complete website.

Blog articles

Free content that will transform CopyBase into a complete learning resource.

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Use cases

CopyBase is a framework for anyone who builds landing pages​

Junior writers

Learn how to write landing pages with proven frameworks and conversion tips.

Senior writers

Upgrade your workflow and deliverables with pre-built CopyBase conversion blocks.

No experience

CopyBase can’t teach basic writing skills - you need a foundation to get started.


Make slick landing pages that actually convert visitors - with proven frameworks.

Solo founders

Build your own launch page with prebuilt content blocks and tips to position your product.

Bad products

CopyBase can’t fix a product that no-one wants - and neither can a professional copywriter.

Alex Napier Holland

Hey, I’m Alex – the maker behind CopyBase. I trained as a journalist and spent my twenties as an international sales executive for advertising and enterprise software brands.

I pitched and closed hundreds of deals with business leaders and government ministers across five continents before I switched to content and founded GorillaFlow.

I’ve worked with 100+ brands as a conversion copywriter – from autonomous car companies to complex supply chain platforms with multi-channel sales processes.

I switched to Figma because I saw so many things fail between ‘copy’ and ‘design’.

Figma’s had such a transformative impact on my business that I had to share (and monetise) my knowledge.

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