Why should my technology business buy GorillaFlow content?



Alex Napier Holland, Founder

I’m a former tech-sector international sales executive and journalist.

I founded GorillaFlow to provide a unique, world-class content service for technology companies.


🌏 International sales expertise

I spent six years in international sales for FTSE100 and startup tech companies.

I also represented the Commonwealth Secretariat in major advertising and marketing projects.

I’ve closed deals on five continents and my clients have included energy companies, government agencies and leading universities.

I’ve seen a shift in buyer awareness.

The internet’s impact goes far beyond allowing people to buy products and services online.

Your customers can research competitors, find online reviews and discover alternative solutions for solving their problems – with or without your help.

‘Fake news’ or not, there’s an increasing appetite for facts, statistics and evidence of your product’s effectiveness.

So your technology business needs to provide high-quality content that addresses and solves the problems your customers are experiencing.

And if you get that right, they will buy your products too.

You need a sales expert.

Your technology business has to create content that:

  • Gets ranked in search engines.
  • Helps your customers.
  • Sells your product or service.

You need more than a copywriter.

You should hire a content agency that build effective sales methods into their strategy.

I’ve been trained by leading industry figures in a range of both hard and consultative sales techniques.

My career started with hard sales, in a commission-only environment. We were trained in aggressive pitching, negotiation and closing techniques. I took five-figure deals off the phone and negotiated with government ministers and energy sector executives on major advertising deals.




  • Pitching – in boardrooms, on the phone and online.
  • Negotiation – hard and consultative styles, for a range of audiences.
  • Closing – the subtle art. And all the tricks it requires.
  • Objection handling.

✍🏼 Journalism

I qualified as


an NCTJ-certified journalist in London before


, with an A-grade portfolio.

I studied journalism in London after graduating in International Relations and wrote for a UK national press agency, before pursuing a career in international sales.

📱 Tech-sector

Most of my career has been spent in the technology sector.

I worked with digital marketing agencies in Sydney throughout 2017, where I identified a lack of sufficiently high-quality and specialised content for technology companies selling innovative products and services.

🦍 GorillaFlow

I founded GorillaFlow – combining my expertise as a writer, sales consultant and highly-networked advocate for technology.