So, your technology business needs fresh website content?

Are you struggling to turn dry technical features into exciting customer benefits?

Is your website a bland shopping list of services, instead of a compelling purchase journey?

Are you unsure how to turn traffic into sales and hot leads?

Does SEO and keyword research seem like a dark science that’s trying to trip you up?

Are you overwhelmed by the idea of planning and copywriting your entire website?


Our website content turns your traffic into customers.

You need powerful website content to guide your readers on a buying journey and convert them into customers.

Your website is the hub of your content marketing activities.

Any traffic you generate from blog articles and video content has to be converted into sales and hot leads – and your website content and landing pages can achieve this.

Many companies overlook their website content, so they fail to get the full value from their marketing campaigns.

Crafting website content that engages sophisticated technology customers and wins their trust and respect demands a blend of technical and creative skills.

GorillaFlow’s website content is crafted by technology sales experts.

We don’t just write website pages.

We craft a journey that builds your audience’s trust and respect.

Our approach blends behavioural and sales psychology with deep tech-sector knowledge to shape website content that can drive sales and generate leads for your business.

Are you unsure which website pages you need?

No problem. We also plan content and can shape a buying journey with interconnected website pages to generate relevant traffic and warm it to your brand and products/services.

We understand how your potential customers use search engines and can build content that captures their attention and funnels them towards buying YOUR awesome products and services.

Our website content services can include:

  • Punchy sales copy.
  • Market research.
  • Content planning
  • SEO keyword research.
  • SEO titles crafted to drive CTR (click-throughs).
  • Smart use of headings/sub-headings.
  • Meta-descriptions that maximise CTR.

We work with technology brands that span the marketing awareness spectrum:

  • Digital marketing agencies with detailed briefs and a strong idea about their client requirements.
  • Multinational SaaS platforms with in-house marketing departments that need to outsource digital content.
  • Startups and solo engineers with great ideas – but zero awareness of digital marketing.

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Your technology business needs powerful website content.

GorillaFlow are the technology sector’s content experts.

Discover how our website content can drive your traffic and sales.


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