So, your technology company needs landing pages that convert traffic into cash?

Are you struggling to create landing pages that convert your traffic into customers?

Is it tough to craft sales copy for a technology solution that feels professional yet assertive?

Do your copywriters miss the spot and struggle to understand your technology solution?

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Our landing pages convert your traffic into technology sales and hot leads.

You need landing pages to convert any traffic that your technology business generates into paying customers and leads.

A landing page is a sales-focused page that’s dedicated to achieving maximum conversions for a specific CTA (call-to-action).

Your landing page could sell your product, or ask visitors to sign-up for a phone-call or webinar.

Every element of a landing page is designed to close the deal and they have no hyperlinks – so readers must focus on the CTA.

Landing page ingredients:

  • A bold promise in the headline.
  • Gripping sales copy that backs-up the promise.
  • Your unique product features converted into exciting benefits.
  • Logical arguments that minimise any perception of risk.
  • Reassuring user testimonials.
  • An irresistible CTA.

Every time you create blog content, email funnels or videos, you need landing pages to maximise your ROI.

Without effective landing pages you’re wasting any traffic you generate – no matter how engaged your visitors are.

Building landing pages for technology companies is a unique challenge.

Sales copywriters often overlook how smart and skeptical technology customers are towards dodgy selling tactics. But technical copywriters tend to bore readers with dry language and long words.

It takes a special set of copywriting skills and tech-sector awareness to craft effective landing pages for a technology company.

GorillaFlow’s landing pages are crafted by technology copy specialists.

Our landing pages are painstakingly shaped and refined to create a powerful experience that can turn cold visitors into hot leads.




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Landing pages convert your traffic into customers or leads.


Each landing page is dedicated to achieving maximum conversions for a particular CTA (call-to-action).

  • Cold traffic can be funnelled to a low-cost CTA – like a free trial or webinar.
  • Warm traffic can be funnelled to high-cost CTA – like buying your product.

A landing page should be focused on achieving single CTA – ideally with no hyperlinks or obvious ways to leave.

Simple, punchy sales copy.

Landing pages can be linked from blog articles, email funnels – or directly from adverts (Google Adwords or Facebook).


If you’ve invested heavily on blog content, email funnels and video, a landing page maximises your returns.

Landing pages are about maximum ROI for your marketing campaign.


Landing pages need simple, punchy sales copy and a powerful CTA.

Technology products are often complex – and so are the problems they solve.

Tech consumers are often intelligent, discerning and wary of obvious sales tactics.

Crafting copy that strikes the right tone to drive conversions for tech products is therefore very tricky.


We combine years of experience selling technology solutions across the planet with direct sales copy expertise.

We boil your complex features down to the simple, real-world benefits they offer your audience.

We offer a compelling CTA.


Landing pages.