Email funnels that drive sales for technology companies

Email funnels that your customers will actually enjoy.


🔫 Are you shooting email funnels from the hip?

😔 Do your existing customers feel distant and unloved?

🧹 Have you got a long list of leads that’s getting dusty?

🤩 Are you struggling to craft emails that excite tech-savvy readers?

Gorilla 250

I write email marketing funnels that build warmth, trust and sales for your technology brand.

Email marketing lurks at the back of many marketing managers’ minds.

You know it’s important and offers higher ROI than any other marketing strategy. But it seems like a massive time-sink.

So, you ping-out the odd company update and special offer.

Perhaps you get a few sales on Black Friday or at the end of the financial year – but most of the year it’s hit-and-miss. Especially as you’re worried about being too pushy and getting dreaded unsubscribes, or even SPAM reports.

So how do some companies achieve the awe-inducing performances that keep cropping-up in marketing industry newsletters?

Simple. They invest in a dedicated email marketing copywriter for their sector.

So you’ve probably fired-off emails to your customers with the odd 

Or.. got a list

Email funnels that get the love 💌

Punchy sales copy

I craft sharp sentences that make your clever tech sound simple.
And exciting.

Market research

I build influence and authority for your brand by offering valuable industry knowledge and insights.

Content planning

Website content is your online sales agent - so hire a tech-sector specialist to build the journey.

SEO keyword research

I build my content around keywords that match your audience's search queries.

SEO meta information

Your content's delivered with metadata that's optimised for search engines and your visitors.

Smart, snappy headings

Clever headlines capture traffic and subheadings help skim-reading - which builds and maintains traffic.