Blog articles that drive traffic for technology companies

Blog articles that make smart people fall in love with your technology brand.


📰 Does your tech company need regular, high-quality content?

📈 Are you trying to build your brand’s online presence?

🍦Do ‘vanilla’ bloggers struggle to understand your complex solution?

🙄 Is content strategy a headache that you’d happily outsource?

Gorilla 250

I write blog articles that target your ideal customers and build their trust in your technology brand.

Imagine being able to chat with every potential customer for your technology business that uses the internet.

You could offer them free help and advice to build their trust… then subtly name-drop your solution – and an exciting free trial or special offer.

Blog articles are the perfect way to kickstart a friendly conversation with potential customers and drive relevant traffic to your website.

However, it’s tricky to strike an upbeat and conversational tone about complicated tech solutions.

So, tech-sector brands often serve-up a weird mix of:

  • Tedious reports about company events. Yawn!
  • Dry lists of new technical features.
  • Abstract thought leadership pieces that confuse readers.

All of which fail in the same way – they’re irrelevant to the pain-points that your target audience are experiencing.

To win their influence and loyalty you need content marketing.

‘Content marketing is using digital content to solve the same problems for your audience that your technology does.’

Your audience use search engines to find solutions to their problems.

I create blog articles that target the

your potential 


Business-driven blog content 📈

Punchy sales copy

I craft sharp sentences that make your clever tech sound simple.
And exciting.

Market research

I build influence and authority for your brand by offering valuable industry knowledge and insights.

Content planning

Website content is your online sales agent - so hire a tech-sector specialist to build the journey.

SEO keyword research

I build my content around keywords that match your audience's search queries.

SEO meta information

Your content's delivered with metadata that's optimised for search engines and your visitors.

Smart, snappy headings

Clever headlines capture traffic and subheadings help skim-reading - which builds and maintains traffic.