Copywriting and content marketing for technology companies.

😰 Do you struggle to plan and write a website from scratch?

🛒 Is your dry shopping list of services begging to be transformed into exciting copy?

🔥 Are you unsure how to build a purchase journey that turns traffic into sales and hot leads?

👨‍🔬 Do SEO, keyword research and conversion seem like a dark science?

Buy content services for cutting-edge companies

I blend conversion copy skills and tech sector sales expertise to craft content that 


builds relevant traffic and warms it into leads for your technology business.

You need a website that drives real-world business goals – like signups, sales and lead generation.

Sadly, technology websites often miss their mark.

What do writers get wrong with tech-sector website content?

  • Using dry and informative language – which doesn’t excite readers.
  • Listing product features instead of end-user benefits.
  • Targeting the wrong audience or stage of the purchase journey.

I blend tech-sector expertise with sales psychology and copy-chops to craft content that will drive traffic and help generate leads for your technology business.

I’ve worked with a string of agencies and have a tonne of experience building WordPress sites, writing copy for wireframes and collaborating with CRO consultants, marketing directors, UX designers and fellow content creators.

Hire me and I will hit the ground running.

Designed with sales strategy in mind.

Your website content has to build and nurture traffic until it’s ready for conversion.

But it’s tricky to hit this combo when you’re a tech company that sells complex solutions to sophisticated end-users.

Make your life easy. Just hire a tech-sector sales specialist.

I can craft website content that will:

  • Target search queries made by your ideal potential customer.
  • Build traffic that’s relevant to your business and product.
  • Guide visitors on a buying journey that builds trust and respect in your brand.
  • Entertain, engage – and pitch your technology solution.
  • Prepare your visitors for conversion.

For a complete content strategy you can add ongoing blog content to build your brand’s online presence and landing pages that will drive sales and lead generation.

What's the magic behind my X? ✨

Punchy sales copy

I craft sharp sentences that make your clever tech sound simple.
And exciting.

Market research

I build influence and authority for your brand by offering valuable industry knowledge and insights.

Content planning

Website content is your online sales agent - so hire a tech-sector specialist to build the journey.

SEO keyword research

I build my content around keywords that match your audience's search queries.

SEO meta information

Your content's delivered with metadata that's optimised for search engines and your visitors.

Smart, snappy headings

Clever headlines capture traffic and subheadings help skim-reading - which builds and maintains traffic.

So, your technology product’s nearly ready to launch – but you have no idea how to promote and sell it.

Let’s keep it simple.

Your technology business needs relevant and high-quality content that converts traffic into customers.

You need content that can drive sales – no matter which advertising or social media platform you use to promote it.

  • Relevant content captures traffic.
  • High-quality content entertains and informs your visitors.

Most copywriters can create relevant and high-quality content.

But few copywriters understand how to generate sales for technology companies.

Conversion is where the magic lies. ✨

To convert your traffic into customers you need to use ‘content marketing‘ to nurture each visitor, build their trust and overcome their objections to sale.

Content marketing is ‘solving the same problems for your audience that your solution does – but using content’.

  • A SaaS CRM platform might offer sales and marketing tips.
  • An action camera brand could share photography tutorials and travel videos.
  • A developer selling a meditation app might share health and wellness advice.
  • An electric skateboard manufacturer could offer riding and maintenance tips.

When your audience start to trust your brand as an authority at solving their problems, they’ll seriously consider your solution.

However, content marketing for technology solutions is complicated:

  • Multiple stakeholders are often included in the buying process:
    • End-users.
    • Budget-holders.
    • Technical implementation.
  • Features can be complex.
  • Problems and pain-points can be nuanced.
  • Solutions and the market constantly evolve.

So, you should hire a writer who has strong experience selling technology solutions to a range of audiences.

Vanilla copywriters will use brash sales tactics and irritate your potential customers.

Technical copywriters are dry and boring



I’ve worked with major technology companies (and tiny startups) and closed deals on five continents. I work almost exclusively with tech-sector clients and understand the complexities of content marketing in this challenging, exciting sector.

But let’s focus on helping you.

You need fresh, regular content that engages customers at each stage of their buying journey and pushes them towards engaging with your business.

We offer powerful content for your technology business.


Blog articles.

Your blog is the hub of your content marketing. Sharing and boosting articles on social media platforms brings visitors back to

Serving fresh, regular content builds your relevance.

Email funnels.

Website copy.

Your website is the

Landing pages.

A powerful landing page can seal the deal and convert your visitors into customers – but only if they’re ready.

Video scripts.

Content strategy

A vanilla copywriter will

However, conversion is what defines content that turns traffic into sales.

It doesn’t matter what kind of content you’re considering, you MUST consider conversion.

  • Your business might want organic traffic that appears via search engine results.
  • Or, you could be looking for quick results from inorganic traffic – driven by adverts and boosted posts.

Either way, you need content that’s designed to convert.


SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation’.

Search engines try to to find ‘relevant’ and ‘high-quality’ results when you run a search.

An SEO copywriter writes copy that’s designed to appeal to the ‘relevance’ and ‘quality factors’ that search engines are known to use, to help your content rank more highly in their results.

Unfortunately, writing content that’s optimised for search engines is not good enough.

🗑️ ‘Relevant’ content is worthless.

Anyone can generate keywords and stuff them into an article.

Content that’s merely ‘relevant’ causes more harm than good in today’s market.

  • Search engines penalise junk content.
  • Worse, your potential customers will judge your company negatively, for wasting their time with a weak reading experience.

📦 ‘High-quality’ content has SOME value.

If your audience enjoy reading your articles because they’re interesting, helpful and discuss the problems they’re experiencing, that’s nice.

Some will follow your blog and a few might even share your articles.

If you’re lucky, a few visitors might make the effort to explore your products and services, then decide to take a trial. Maybe.

But this is a passive experience. You’re like an estate agent, telling them to go and look around

💰 You need copy that converts your visitors into customers.

Writing sales copy that converts your website visitors into customers requires special skills.

Salesmanship is essential.

A real-world sales agent meets potential customers at different stages in their buying journey and offers the information, reassurance and encouragement they need to move close to purchasing your product or service.

Your content has to do the same thing. So, your writer should understand sales psychology, buyer motivation, objection-handling and closing techniques.

That’s why most good sales copywriters have real-world sales skills – like me.

So is that all?

A real-world sales agent meets customers at different stages in their burning journey