ūüĎ䬆Do you want punchy¬†SEO sales copy¬†for your tech business?

ūüíį¬†Does your eCommerce store need a powerful¬†email funnel?

ūüíƬ†Would you love hot leads¬†for your SaaS platform?

Buy sales copy from a technology and content strategy expert. 


Hey, fellow tech entrepreneur.

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed trying to launch your new technology product or digital service?

Remember that you’ve built something special.

You blended your technical skills with imagination, insight – and the belief that there was a new and better way to solve your audience’s problems than any of the solutions offered in your market.

Development was slow, expensive and stressful.

At times, you doubted whether you’d get here.

But now you’re ready to share your work with the world.

…and you have no idea which direction to take.

Digital marketing gurus promote thousands of strategies that promise to generate leads, customers and cash.

Email funnels, landing pages, adverts, advertorials and campaigns across dozens of social media channels.

So where does your marketing start?


Search engines love high-quality content that engages readers.


Vanilla copywriters will use brash sales tactics and irritate your potential customers.


Technical copywriters 




No matter what kind of advertising campaign you plan to run, high-quality 


You need a simple, effective website 


You need to target the buying motivations of each audience segment.


Your business needs core web pages that target the buying motivations of each audience segment.

and advertorial content, which can 

 a pitch, web-pages and advertorial content.

At the core of your marketing activity, you need a razor-sharp set of benefits and propositions for your audience.

So many of my clients get lost in the rabbit-hole of features and technical capabilities, that they forget where their journey started.

And they forget how to reach out to someone who knows nothing about their product – even if they desperately need it.

Find your path through the jungle


So who do you hire?

A soulless advertising guy that’s not invested in helping your audience?

A vanilla copywriter who doesn’t understand your product?

An expensive marketing agency that want to drain your budget 

How about hiring someone with 

And now an advertising

Your technology business needs to stand out online.

How can you top search engines, grab attention and win customers?

You need powerful content to drive traffic, build loyalty and convert your visitors into cash.

But you’re selling a technology solution.

You have clever ideas and complex features.

And your audience are smart.

So don’t waste cash hiring a vanilla copywriter.¬†ūüć¶

Buy world-class technology content.

I’m a former journalist and international sales executive for tech companies.

I’ve written for top British newspapers and closed big software and advertising deals on five continents.

Now, I blend sales expertise and content strategy to drive traffic and sales for big brands.

If you want technology copy written by a proven sales and content expert, hire me.

Get the right content solution.

¬†I’ve worked with massive (and tiny) tech companies around the planet.

I critically approach each project with a focus on conversion and sales.

I’ve written blog articles, website content, landing pages, film scripts and more.

If you want a technology copywriter with experience and ideas, hire me.

Hire more than a copywriter. 

You can tap into my sales expertise, content strategy experience and product knowledge.

My career spans sales, marketing and product development – so I integrate with ease.

I’m connected with entrepreneurs and freelancers around the globe that I hire for specialist roles.

Content strategy is increasingly at the heart of my work for technology companies.

 If you want a copywriter with a strategic mindset, hire me.

GorillaFlow clients include:

SaaS CRM platforms.

Travel insurance agencies.

Business Intelligence platforms.

Boutique audio equipment designers.

Digital marketing agencies.

AI-powered apps.

eCommerce stores.

Will your technology business be heard through the jungle?

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