Technology companies often overlook their website content.

Video content’s rapidly overtaking blog articles as the most engaging and exciting digital content on the market. (STUDY

An important question that many blog-writers overlook also applies to videos.

Where do you plan to send that traffic?

Content marketing is about creating a buying journey.

Capturing traffic is valuable. But you’ve got to warm it and build trust and loyalty, before you funnel it through a compelling CTA (call-to-action). And your chances of success are much higher if that traffic’s relevant in the first place.




What is website content?

Every website is built from a framework of pages.

Your website and its content form the hub of your content marketing efforts.

Content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less.


Website pages can include:

Your website pages  create a logical journey for visitors to discover your brand and its values.

And our punchy, engaging copy will keep their attention, build their trust and convert them into customers.

Why does your technology business need website content?

Website pages are important for both SEO (search engine optimisation) and converting visitors.

Search engines prefer to share results from websites that have a logical page structure and relevant, high-quality content.

Creating pages that are relevant to your users at a critical point in their buying journey is a great way to build engagement and rank highly in search engines – which helps drive organic traffic.

Conversion is also important.

Your visitors should be guided on a journey that builds their interest, respect and trust in your brand – then converts them with a simple CTA (ideally, using a landing page).

User experience and SEO are closely-aligned nowadays – which is great news for passionate, authentic content creators (and bad news for nasty ‘black hat’ SEO tricksters).

undraw-wall🍦 What do vanilla copywriters get wrong about website content for technology companies?

Any sales copywriter should understand targeting and conversion.

For example, they’ll know that your website content has to target the relevant person at the right stage in their buying journey.

But selling technology products can be complex.

Vanilla copywriters tend to write for one stakeholder and leave the rest out.

Or, they loosely consider each and produce generic content that doesn’t hit a home-run with any readers.


🦍 How can GorillaFlow create powerful website content for my technology business?

Planning and research are the core of website content creation.

We have some important questions to ask before we even think about copywriting.

Here’s a typical process to plan and execute a content strategy for a technology business.

Target the right audience.

Who does your business really need to target?

For corporate/SaaS technology companies:

For gadgets and consumer products/software:

You need to shift language, tone and points of discussion to target and influence each of these people.

Create buyer personas.

Next we map the typical personas of each person involved in your buying process.

We need to consider:

Design a buying journey.

We don’t dump pages about your company’s history and an exhaustive range of products.

Instead, we design a powerful journey and guide your visitors through reasons to trust your brand and its ability to improve their life.

Where will your visitors start their journey?


Your core website pages could be:

You should choose pages that can be mentioned in blog articles regularly – to help us drive traffic.

Remember, Google lists top-level pages on well-designed and ranked websites.

Which pages should your audience start their journey with?

Google results Apple

Write punchy sales copy.

With the planning behind us we’re ready to craft your website content.

We blend SEO and sales copywriting techniques:

However, features and benefits are another area where vanilla copywriters trip-up.

Does your copywriter have strong knowledge of your technologies, market and competing solutions?

If they’re not technology specialists then they’re unlikely to nail your USP and solution benefits.

But there’s a bigger issue.

We’re trying to write sales copy for a wide range of potential customers.

Reach each segment of your target audience.

There’s an art to crafting sales copy for technical products and services.

We write using simple and emotive sales language to describe the benefits your solutions offers.

And we also tuck-in technical content for more sophisticated visitors who need proof of the benefits.

We have a few strategies to span audience segments:

Once your content’s ready, it’s time to launch and drive traffic – and conversions.undraw-off-road

Drive website traffic, sales and leads.

With your core pages and website framework in place, it’s time to drive traffic and convert your visitors into paying customers and hot leads.

Here are several content services that we recommend you combine with your website pages for maximum results.

Blog articles

You should create fresh, regular blog articles about relevant and trending topics that relate to your business and its website pages.

By offering helpful advice and tips that address your audience’s pain-points, you’re likely to trend in their social media channels.

Mention your website pages in each blog article and you can start to generate a stream of relevant, engaged traffic.

Check our blog article service out.


Video is a powerful tool for driving traffic and audience engagement.

You can hyperlink to your main website or directly to a service or client page that’s directly relevant to the audience you’re addressing.

If you’re shooting video, make sure you invest in a script written by a technology sales copywriter.

Check our video script service out.

Landing pages

Your business needs to convert its traffic into paying customers and hot leads.

Landing pages are single-purpose pages designed to drive conversions.

If you’re investing in any kind of advertising or marketing activities then you need a landing page.

Check our landing page service out.

GorillaFlow content packages

We can create bespoke packages of website pages and ongoing blog content for your technology business.

Let’s talk about your business and its website content strategy.

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